Each of us in the church is called on to offer what we have in the service of God and each of us will be in a different stage of life and able to give more or less than our brothers and sisters. We may be able to give financially or in kind. We may not be able to give now but may be able to in the future.

For all the planned works to be completed we may take a few years. Our Archbishop told us last year to: “raise the money needed to buy St Martin’s as soon as possible and then to prepare it for full use over a period of say five or even ten years. Future generations will rise up and call you blessed as they glorify God by their Orthodox witness.”

The church was founded nearly 2,000 years ago; St Martin’s has been here for almost 1,000 years. We will be here for many generations to come. This is not a short term project.

Gift Aid

UK taxpayers who give through Gift Aid will see their gifts increased by 25% by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. Please ensure that Gift Aid forms are filled in so that we can claim this significant extra money from the Treasury.

Raising funds from outside the Church

We will be looking to obtain grants and loans towards the costs of making St Martin’s fit for community use. We also hope Colcestrians, proud of their civic past and future, will help us in this project to bring renewed life to one of our treasures, St Martin’s Church.