St Martin’s Church is an important part of Colchester’s medieval heritage. Sadly, it has been underused since the parish it once served was merged with its neighbours in 1953. Since then it has been home to Colchester Theatre Group for 30 years, had some later use as an arts venue, been closed completely for many years and is now looked after by the Churches Conservation Trust [CCT] - although not often open to the public.

We have been given the opportunity to buy the building from the CCT and bring it back into the use it was created for - a permanent home for a parish in Colchester.

We have set a target to raise £200,000!

£200,000 will enable us to purchase the building, fit it out for parish use, and install heating, security and other facilities so that St Martin’s can be accessible to all.

It is a lot of money to raise but much less than the average cost of a house in Colchester and about the same as an average church restoration project.

The Parish of St Helen will have a permanent home for generations to come and Colchester will have one of its more significant monuments looked after and accessible once again for the benefit of the many.